Miss Jamaica World 2014

Happy Birthday To Our Wonderful Miss Jamaica, Gina Hargitay

1474581_703648882993359_136478883_nHappy birthday to our wonderful Miss Jamaica, Gina Hargitay. You continue to make us proud. You are not just intelligent and beautiful but also an amazing soul, that’s kind, thoughtful and have a genuine interest in others. You have become a part of my family and a dear friend. It’s an honour to work with you and I have no doubt that we will achieve great things. Wishing you a wonderful day and special memories made. May you celebrate many more and continue to have a life that is filled with happiness, love, peace and Angels watching over you always. Lots of love

The Heart Foundation Of Jamaica Presents ‘Run For Your Heart 2013′

Run Flyer

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HUNDREDS of runners are expected to converge at the Stadium East, Kingston, on Sunday, November 24 for the Heart Foundation of Jamaica’s (HFJ) annual ‘Run for your Heart’ event.

The 5K run/walk, which is scheduled to get under way at 7:00 am, is aimed at raising funds for the HFJ to continue offering affordable heart testing, care, and rehabilitation, among other services to the public. As part of the event, there will be workouts sponsored by popular gyms, other physical activities and giveaways.

Speaking at the official launch at the Emancipation Park in New Kingston recently, Minister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson urged Jamaicans to support the event and embrace healthier lifestyles in order to significantly reduce cardiac-related illnesses other non-communicable diseases.

“Often times, we deal with the curative aspect of these diseases. But we need clearly to deal with the risk factors, which include physical inactivity, inappropriate diet, excessive use of alcohol, and tobacco use,” he said.

For her part, HFJ Executive Director Deborah Chen said that cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Jamaica. She noted that the Jamaica Healthy Lifestyle Survey shows that 7.9 per cent of the population has diabetes; 25.2 per cent hypertension; 35.3 per cent pre-hypertension; 11.7 per cent high cholesterol; while 51.8 per cent are overweight and obese.

Participants in the event are asked to collect funds on behalf of the foundation via sponsorship forms, which they can collect, upon registration, from the HFJ’s offices at 28 Beechwood Avenue in Kingston.

Prizes will be awarded to the winner of the 5K event, teams that collect the most money through sponsorship, and the team that has the most participants. There will also be spot prizes for runners on the track.

Former World Sprint Champion Yohan Blake will also be on hand to sign autographs.

Minister Ferguson endorsed the event by taking the first symbolic walk around the track at Emancipation Park with the main sponsors and students.

‘Run for your Heart’ is a part of a $10-million fund-raising drive to raise money for the foundation’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre and purchase medical supplies and equipment.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gina Hargitay

MJW 2013 Gina Hargitay

Social observers and commentators have been equating her with one of her best-known predecessors, dubbing her the most popular Miss Jamaica since the ’80s.

And little wonder, as since being crowned Miss Jamaica World, leggy beauty, Gina Hargitay, has been a one-woman charm offensive. Not just charming her way into the hearts of Jamaicans, but charming her way into the hearts of many around the globe. During her appearance as a competitor in the Miss World pageant, hosted last month in Bali, Indonesia, she earned herself a top 10 finish and the title of Miss World Caribbean.

Dubbed the biracial beauty by her adoring fans, Hargitay is not your average beauty. The young miss is fluent in at least three languages and lists her hobbies as sculpting, painting, drawing, and singing, and is determined to be the best goodwill ambassador she can be during her reign and beyond.

And at the fabulous age of 18, Hargitay has a lot to give and offer not just as a goodwill ambassador of Brand Jamaica, but as a role model for many of our young women.

Today, Outlook Magazine shares 10 things, not previously known about Gina Hargitay, who says her life’s ambition is to make a difference in the protection of children in Jamaica.

  1. She believes in the ability of everyone, especially a woman, to be able to defend themself, and holds a blue belt in tae kwondo.
  2. Swam competitively for St Ann when she was five years old, until her family relocated to London, England.
  3. Saved a nine-year-old boy from drowning last year.
  4. Is a vegetarian and lists Chinese food and ackee and salt fish as her favourite foods. Having decided at the age of 13 to become a vegetarian, she was, and still is, the only member of her family to make that step.
  5. Is a dog lover who some say is obsessed. She owns seven.
  6. Has a passion for art. All her school folders are filled with pages of doodles and drawings. She says her favourite music genres are reggae and rock. She has confessed to being obsessed with Damian Marley.
  7. Considers herself a nerd but makes no apologies for her love of chemistry and physics and says she could speak about science for days.
  8. She has had two surgical work experiences. The first was with a children’s orthopaedic surgeon. The second was with a heart surgeon where she actually got to scrub in on four open-heart surgeries and assisted in the closing.
  9. One of her dreams is to travel to at least four countries on every continent, including the Antarctic. But before embarking on this, she would first like to explore every island in the Caribbean.
  10. Is deeply concerned with what she sees as the collapse of Western societal structures and traditional values. In this context, she hates fast food, the fast life – fast anything. She believes that a lot of people have no time to think, as everybody is busy chasing alienating values and embracing the culture of consumerism, which is a ground for shallowness.