April 29, 2017 | 2:22 am
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The Reigning Queen: Sanneta Myrie


Age:  24
Height:  5’6″
Weight:  126 lbs
Bust:  34″
Waist:  24″
Hips:  39″
Life Ambition: I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. I wish to work intimately with more charities, making a difference where I can in the lives of Jamaica’s less fortunate. Like many young women I also look forward to being a devoted wife and mother after I build my career as a multifaceted businesswoman.

5 Year Goals: In five years, I see myself as dedicated physician specializing in psychiatry. In addition, I intend to continue to be of service as a mentor to teens of inner city communities and running an after school program which is crafted to making well rounded young Jamaicans with confidence in self and the courage to reach their full potential. I also hope to spend a year as a member of ‘Doctors without Borders’ which provides basic health care to the most marginalized populations around the globe. Most importantly I see myself as a hard working Jamaican committed to giving back to her country.