July 12, 2024 | 11:25 am
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Spartan seeks 4th Miss World for Jamaica 50

Venus Embrace is the first MJW 2012 sponsor

With our 50th celebrations on the way and with the Summer Olympics right on the heels of our celebrations, Jamaica also anticipates the staging of the most prestigious beauty pageant in the country, Miss Jamaica World which is set to climax with the Grand Coronation Show on June 2nd, 2012. Jamaica is an island filled with people not only of varied talents and skills set but also of beauty. This year the MJW team will be doubling its efforts to crown a queen that will take home the crown for a 4th time, the first since Lisa Hanna in 1993. Just imagine Jamaica’s 50th anniversary, an astounding medal haul at the Olympics and Miss Jamaica as Miss World. Quite a jubilee! With bigger and  more exciting plans in store, Miss Jamaica World franchise holder Mickey Haughton James CD stated, “the drive is on to bring on board sponsors and potentially a title sponsor to enable us to do a special event for Jamaica’s 50. Efforts are being made to stream the event live to the Diaspora, including to “Jamaica Night” parties in a number of cities where there is a large Jamaica heritage,” he ended.


One company that has realized the vision and is once again happy to be onboard is the Carimed/ Venus Embrace family. Last week, reigning Miss Jamaica World Danielle Crosskill alongside newly appointed Pageant Director Regina Beavers met with Varia Rodney, Senior Brand Manager at Carimed to welcome the Carimed Family back onboard as she presented them with a cheque for $350,000. This year, they remain as the title sponsor of the Beach Beauty Competition. According to Varia Rodney, “We have aligned ourselves with our target market; not only the girls that enter the competition but the ones that also watch. We are excited about being onboard because MJW signifies Beauty with a Purpose and fits well with the tagline of Venus Embrace “Reveal the Goddess in you.”


Since the Miss World organization has rescheduled their dates, the coronation show for  the local pageant which is usually set in August or September had to be moved up to facilitate the process of choosing a new queen.  Pre-selections will start as early as Saturday March 3 and continue on every Saturday for the Month of March. The final selection of the finalists who will vie for the Miss World crown will be Saturday April 28, 2012. If chosen as a pre-selected finalist the girls will receive free gym training at Spartan Health Club as well as free grooming lessons.


The race is on to see who will be Jamaica’s new queen to commemorate our 50 years of independence.