July 12, 2024 | 12:41 pm
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Spartan Health Club’s association with the Miss World Contest began in 1976 when the club was offered the national franchise by Miss World Limited along with a request that Cindy Breakspeare be our first representative. Cindy, who was then affiliated with Spartan and who was the recent winner of the national Miss Jamaica Body-Beautiful title as well as the international Miss Universe Bikini title then went on to be Miss World 1976.

Our next representative to Miss World, Sandra Kong in 1977 was withdrawn by Spartan at  the request of the then government in protest of the participation by South Africa and their system of apartheid. This action resulted in South Africa being expelled from the Miss World Contest and cleared the way for the first of Spartan’s Miss Jamaica World Pageants in 1978.

Spartan has successfully staged thirty-two consecutive Miss Jamaica World Pageants, this year being the 33rd staging. Our winners have reaped much success at the Miss World Contest and in addition to Cindy’s victory in 1976, Lisa Hanna brought home the crown in 1993.

In between these victories there have been two 3rd place winners; two 4th places, one 5th place and two 6th places and several winners of the Caribbean Queen of Beauty title. Prior to Spartan’s staging of the contest, Jamaica had produced its first Miss World when Carol Crawford won that title in 1963. All Miss Jamaica Worlds are encouraged to abide by the motto “Beauty with a Purpose” and give of their service free of charge to various charities during their year’s reign.