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Criteria for Entry:

The MJW Pageant is open to all young, single female Jamaicans and the qualification for eligibility is that all contestants:


  • Shall either have been born in Jamaica, be the child of a Jamaican parent, or is a naturalized citizen of Jamaica.
  • Shall have attained the age of 16 years and 6 months on or before the 1st day of August 2017, but shall not have attained the age of 27 years on that date.
  • Shall be of good character and possess charm, poise, and personality and have beauty of face and figure.
  • Shall be a person whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute the Miss Jamaica Beauty Pageant or MJW title or the Promoter or any person associated with them.
  • Shall be a person:
  1. Who has never been legally married
  2. Who has never given birth to a child
  • Shall not have entered and will not enter into any contract with any other promoter or model agency which is or will be in force during the period of the contest which will require her personal appearance or publication of her name or photographs in association with any product or service save that, in the event the applicant is contracted to a promoter or model agency, the said promoter or Model Agency is willing to release the applicant from any such contract or contracts for the duration of the MJW 2017 Pageant and, in the event that the applicant wins the MJW 2017 Contest, for the period leading up to the termination of the MJW 2018 Pageant.
  • The Promoter has the right, without giving any reason whatsoever; to bar any applicant from entering the Miss Jamaica (World) Contest whom he feels may bring the contest into disrepute.


Prospective contestants by submitting photographs and/or a brief video along with application may be accepted for immediate gym and grooming sessions. These may be handed in directly at Spartan Health Club (SHC) or Online. The final date for Entry is August 11.

Selection of Finalists

There will be a selection of 16-25 contestants from among the applicants. The selection events will take place at SHC on Saturday July 8, 15 & 22  starting at 1:00 pm. with the final selection of the MJW 2017 finalists taking place on Saturday August 12.  Contestants who did not gain automatic qualification through the preliminary pageants will be afforded the chance to gain a place in the MJW 2017 Final by taking part in the final selection event. Applicants not selected will take no further part in the contest.

Promoter’s Obligations

  • Once a contestant is selected as a finalist, the Promoter undertakes to provide her with all apparel required for all public shows and parades at no cost to the contestant.
  • Contestants will be provided with facial cosmetics and expert guidance in its application for all shows.
  • Experts will give lessons in grooming, walking, speech and general etiquette.
  • Chaperones will be provided for contestants for the official engagements during the period of the contest.
  • The Promoter undertakes to direct, advise and counsel the Contestant as to her conduct and well-being during the period of the Contest and equally with all other contestants to supervise her activities and assist her throughout the period of the Contest.
  • The Promoter undertakes to present all prizes as advertised to the rightful winners.


Several sponsors will be associated with the 2017 Miss Jamaica Beauty Pageant.

There will be:

  1. Main Sponsors
  2. Sponsors of Prizes
  3. Sponsors who will have contestants wear sashes depicting their Organizations or their products.

Sponsors who fall into category “c” will pay a fee to the Promoter from which the Promoter will provide the Contestant with the items and services mentioned in Schedule.

A portion of this fee also contributes to defraying the costs to hotels, meals, transportation and the preliminary advertising of the Contest.  The Sponsor has no further obligation to either the Promoter or the Contestant and the Contestant is not permitted to approach the Sponsor for further assistance.

Format of Contest

The contest is scheduled to begin with the preliminary contests – MJW Cornwall and MJW Middlesex and end on September 23 with the Grand Coronation of MJW 2017.

The first public appearance by the finalists will be on Saturday August 19 at a venue to be announced.  At this event the finalists will be “sashed” by their sponsors (sponsors provided by Spartan)

The contestants will be required to make a series of other public appearances island- wide during the period of the pageant.

(Note:  The dates mentioned above are subject to change)

MJW Cornwall & MJW Middlesex

MJW Cornwall & MJW Middlesex are preliminaries to the national MJW Pageant.

The winners of these pageants, along with the 1st Runners-Up, will automatically be listed among the Finalists to contest the MJW 2017 Pageant. However, she must participate with all other applicants at the selection event on Saturday August 12.


Selection of Miss Jamaica World 2017

  • Contestants will be judged by beauty of face, figure, deportment, charm, poise, personality, general conversation, intelligence as well as conduct during the period of the contest.
  • Contestants will be pre-judged on a date prior to the Grand Coronation Show.
  • The final selection will take place at the Grand Coronation Show.

Miss Jamaica World Fast Track Competitions

Five fast track competitions, MJW Beauty With a Purpose, MJW Beach Beauty, MJW Talent, MJW Fitness & MJW Model will be part of the 2017 MJW Pageant. The 5 winners will automatically be included among the Top Ten Finalists at the Grand Coronation Show on Saturday September 23.

Main Prize & Chaperones

The main prize in the Miss Jamaica World Beauty Pageant is a trip to compete in the annual Miss World Contest.  It is to be noted that the Miss World Contest    organizers do not recognize chaperones from participating countries.  Each contestant is met on arrival at the venue of the Miss World Contest by Miss World Contest representatives and is then escorted to the hotel where all contestants are being housed. The contestants, collectively, are then assigned chaperones.


All finalists in the Miss Jamaica Beauty Pageant are required to sign contracts with Spartan Health Club which governs their relationship with Spartan during the period of the contest and afterwards if she is declared Miss Jamaica World. The winner is obligated to participate in the 2017 Miss World Contest.


The winner must be willing to undertake that during her year of reign that she will make personal appearances for recognized charities either free of charge or for a nominal fee, depending on the demands of the occasion.

Role Model

The winner must be prepared to be a positive role model for the youth of Jamaica and to use every opportunity that will avail itself during the year of her reign, to project Jamaica in a positive light.

Anyone knowing that she is not eligible to enter this Contest according to the rules of eligibility outlined above or who finds any of the rules or conditions objectionable should refrain from entering the contest.

The Promoter wishes for all contestants a successful and enjoyable experience.

Congratulations in advance to the lucky girl who will wear the crown

Miss Jamaica World 2017.