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MJW: Meet The Beauties

On August 15, 20 beautiful, bright, and talented Jamaican women will vie for the title of Miss Jamaica World. Until then, The Gleaner’s Flair Magazine, official print sponsor of the competition, will get you up close and personal with the contestants as we ‘Meet the beauties’.

We asked them:

1) Why did you enter MJW?

2) If you were on the cover of a magazine what would the headline be?

3) What is your must-have item in your bag?

Daina Haughton, 18

Sponsor: Miss Pier One

1. I decided to enter the MJW pageant because I have a passion for helping others and making a difference. I see this pageant as a platform and an effective medium to campaign for awareness of different social issues and problems that need our attention. It is also an avenue to develop and empower myself and become more aware and responsive to the problems of the society I live in. Oh and to become the next Miss Jamaica World (smiles).

2. Daina Haughton wins Miss Jamaica World and will represent her country at the Miss World in China. If the question referred to being featured now then I would want it to read: Daina Haughton determined to win the Miss Jamaica World title and crown to represent her country at the Miss World pageant in China.

3. I have 10 must-have items, but if I were to narrow it down my must-have item would be a mirror, because it always comes in handy, to fix my hair and lipstick or to powder my face.

Chanel Ricketts, 25

Sponsor: Miss French Connection Events

1. Growing up, I’ve always admired and had an interest in the Miss Jamaica World pageant. I believe it is an excellent opportunity to not only aid my personal development, but also to be an ambassador for your country. I would be immensely proud to be that person. Also, one of my philosophies in life is that it is important to follow your heart’s desires, because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

2. Chanel Ricketts a young, driven, adventurous Jamaican woman on a mission.

3. It would definitely be my cell phone, because I like to always be connected, especially to my loved ones.

Richelle Parchment, 21

Sponsor: Miss Panasonic

1. I don’t like the word competition because of what it connotes. I’d rather see it as a convergence of beautiful souls from the most beautiful place on earth. My entry into this life-changing experience happened only because of my mother’s initiative. She nominated me in the Gleaner’s Flair Magazine’s Girl Next Door Competition and the rest is history.

My mom told me that the MJW pageant is pregnant with possibilities for personal growth and development and this I am proving to be true.

2. Possibility personified.

3. The book of Proverbs from the Bible, and a locket with a picture of my family in it. My mother lives by the words of Solomon as set out in Proverbs and my source of strength comes from my family. With these, I can conquer everything.

Jade McBean, 24

Sponsor: Miss Immigration USA

1. I’ve always admired the MJW pageant and the quality of women that it has groomed, So I decided that I wanted that for myself instead of living in regret for not trying. I want the opportunity to represent a culturally vibrant and creative people, to develop into a better me, to uplift others as a role model/leader and to definitely give back to my country in whatever way I can.

2. A jar of raw shea butter. It is a multipurpose cosmetic, natural butter that smells good too. Excellent moisturiser for my hair, skin and lips.

3. Jade McBean: lady of fitness and finesse

Crystal Mason, 19

Sponsor: Miss University College of the Caribbean

1. I believe that this pageant provides me with some wonderful opportunities for further development and growth through the training, scholarships, exposure and building up of my self confidence. This competition stands for ‘beauty with a purpose’ and there is a big literacy problem in our society, so I’m particularly interested in helping people and children learn to read and write.

2. I would want it to read: Jamaican Beauty Queen Crystal Mason takes the tourism world by storm.

3. In my bag I must always have cash/card because anything can happen while I am out and about and so I think that it is very important to try and always be prepared to buy something you need that is not already in your bag and even to get yourself home.