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17 – Alyssa Boothe – Miss Dolphin Cove

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Personal Info

  • Num:
  • Name:
    Alyssa Boothe
  • Title:
    Miss Dolphin Cove
  • Age:
  • Height:
    5′ 7
  • Vital Statistics:
  • Occupation:
    Student (First Year Dentistry Student in the Faculty of Medical Sciences)

Hobbies and Interests

  • School Last Attended:
    University of the West
  • Scholastic Awards/Achievements:

    Head Girl, Belair High School 2016-2017
    Class Valedictorian, 2017
    Honours Graduate, 2017
    Cape Top Achiever, Belair High School 2016
    Founder & Team Leader Student Mentorship Programme, 2016
    Recipient: Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence and Leadership, 2017
    Faculty Award for stewardship, community involvement and volunteerism, 2017.
    Club and Zone winner: Optimist Oratorical Competition, 2016
    Winner: Miss Belair High School Pageant 2016
    Winner: Miss Jamaica World Middlesex Pageant 2017
  • Hobbies:
    Playing sports, Reading, Swimming
  • Favourite Color:
    royal blue
  • Favourite Food:
    chicken alfredo
  • Favourite Sport:
    track and field
  • Favourite Singer:
    Jennifer Hudson
  • Favourite Actor:
    Rachel McAdams
  • Favourite Film:
    The Notebook
  • Life’s Ambition:
    My life’s ambition is to make a meaningful contribution to Jamaica’s National development. I am driven by an innate desire to help others and I believe I can make a meaningful contribution to Jamaica’s national development by improving the oral health of children especially those with special needs. To this end I will pursuing the competitive Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at the University of the West Indies placing me one step closer to my dream of becoming a pediatric dentist.
  • What are your five-year goals?:
    I enrolled in the Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in August of this year with an anticipated completion date of June 2022. So for the next five years I will be working towards successfully completing the Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. Additionally, in order to enhance my personal and social development over the next five years I will continue my voluntary work with Projects Abroad Jamaica and RSVP Caribbean in raising awareness of the issue of homelessness in Jamaica and participate in regular outreach programmes to support and care for homeless persons living in central Jamaica. I will also continue to support the student mentorship programme which I implemented at Belair High last year to improve students’ academic performance and personal development. I also intend to be involved in student government at the University of the West Indies.
  • Motivation for entering Miss Jamaica World 2017?:
    The Miss Jamaica World pageant offers a unique opportunity for me to meet new people, develop my self confidence and extend a platform for me to share my passions and interests with others.
  • What is your most unusual experience?:
    On a history trip to Accompong in 4th form, I along with 4 other students had to fit into a very small cave in order to reenact an experience of the maroons hiding from British soldiers. The experience was both frightening and exhilarating because we were in a small dark and cramped space but exciting because we were able to relive a part of history.
  • Describe your proudest/happiest moment:
    My proudest moment to date was being named the recipient of the Principal’s Award for leadership and academic excellence at my high school graduation in June of this year. Additionally, I copped several awards including top achiever and being named class valedictorian. This proud moment for my family and me clearly demonstrated that success is the result of hard work and commitment and I look forward to achieving many more milestones in the years ahead.