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Chantal Raymond, Miss Jamaica World 2010 is appointed Boys and Girls Champs Peace Ambassador!

Chantal poses with a group of Queen's High Students

Ms. Chantal Raymond has taken on the on the pageant’s mantra “Beauty with a Purpose” and is now the newly appointed 2011 Boys & Girls Champs Peace Ambassador! She was invited by the National Transformation Programme (NTP) and the Students for Transformation (SFT) to be involved in this peace initiative. Ms. Raymond along with the SFT will be conducting visits (during devotions) to various High Schools leading up to the Boys and Girls Champs date. As ambassador, Ms. Raymond will help to promote the core values: love, unity and respect between schools (especially the established rival schools). This peace initiative is an attempt to help send the message that competitiveness between schools is fine as long as it is healthy and free of VIOLENCE!!  DJ Slim an upcoming artiste from Seaview Gardens has even written the official 2011 Boys & Girls Champs Peace song which he performs at all the school visits.

So far Chantal and the SFT group have visited Calabar, Queens and Holy Childhood High Schools and are scheduled to visit Clan Carthy High School, St. George’s College, St Hugh’s, Jamaica College, Mona High, Alpha Academy and lastly Kingston College. These visits will all culminate with the Peace Walk. The visits will culminate in the traditional “Champs March” from Kingston College to the Stadium on Friday, April 1, 2011.

Recently, Raymond was the Patron of the Lucozade Blood Drive, where she not only encouraged students and citizens alike to continue donating blood and donated blood herself, but she organized a group of friends, former contestants and boutique owners and coordinated a successful fashion show for the Jamaica Cancer Society’s charity event “Doctors & Friends in Concert”.