July 22, 2024 | 9:59 am
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Contestant # 12 Jheri Graham Miss MorfoseMiss Morfose, #12

Age:  20
Height:  5’7″
Weight:  112 lbs
Bust:  32″
Waist:  24″
Hips:  36″
Occupation:  Student
Life Ambition:  I would like to pursue a career in Forensic Science.
5 Year Goals:  In five years I would like to have my own clothes line titled J-bug.

My name is Jheri Graham, I am 20 years old and I currently attend the University of the West Indies where I am pursuing a degree in Biochemistry. I have a sincere passion for dancing, especially salsa. Salsa for me symbolizes how harmonious people can be if they work together towards the same goal, and for me that is just magical. I also like writing poems, since it allows me to express my inner most feelings. In five years I would like to have started my casual wear clothing line, completed my Masters in Biochemistry and getting ready to travel as many countries as I possibly can, touching the lives of anyone I come in contact with. I am hardworking, determined, strong-willed, motivated, outgoing, jovial, adventurous and I look forward to being your Miss Jamaica World 2014.