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Contestant # 8 Jodie-Ann Lyn Miss Blue BeatMiss Blue Beat, #8

Age:  21
Height:  5’1″
Weight:  106 lbs
Bust:  31.5″
Waist:  24.5″
Hips:  35″
Occupation:  Student
Life Ambition: To be an entrepreneur focusing on real estate and the development of customer service across Jamaica
5 Year Goals: Trained in real estate marketing. Started or completed an MBA in marketing, employed in a reputable real estate firm


My name is Jodie-Ann Lyn and I proudly represent Blue Beat in the Miss Jamaica World 2014 Pageant. I was born on December 16, 1992 and I have six siblings of which I am the fourth. I was raised in St. Andrew where I was schooled at the Webster Memorial Basic School and later went on to St. Richard’s Primary School at the age of 6. I later sat the Grade Six Achievement Test and passed for my alma mater, St. Andrew High School for Girls.

Throughout my six years there, I achieved numerous academic awards. In 2010, I started my degree at the University of Technology where I was placed in various leadership roles. I recently completed my degree in Finance and Banking with a minor in Marketing and will be graduating in November 2014. My interests are Latin dancing and viewing real estate properties and programmes. Therefore, my five year goal is to work for a reputable real estate firm and to have started my Masters in Marketing. I also have a passion for people and the development of their interactions and operations within the business sector, specifically in customer service. Therefore, my long term goal is to establish a company that will facilitate this type of development. I try to live by two scriptures which I was taught at the age of 12. These are: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” and “Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper, than one who takes a city.” This enables me to maintain relationships despite the situation.