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Contestant # 6 Kimberly Webb Miss Sunset Beach ResortsMiss Sunset Resorts, #6

Age:  18
Height:  5’6″
Weight:  119 lbs
Bust:  32″
Waist:  24″
Hips:  36″
Occupation:  Student
Life Ambition: I would like to train as a Medical Doctor and eventually move into Medical Administration. I also intend to make contributions to the Jamaican Art and Agricultural Sectors.
5 Year Goals: In five years I should be on the brink of completing my Medical training and looking forward to practical involvement in the field. I’ll also be continuing my efforts with the Youth Organization for Upliftment, hopefully making a transition as we turn over leadership to young up and comers and focusing my sights on more far reaching efforts.


I’m an island girl! I was born in Montego Bay and I practically grew up on the beach. My 5 brothers and I roughed it there together, playing ball and climbing trees until Mt. Alvernia High School began the arduous process of making a lady out of me. Serving as Head Girl, Junior Mayor of Montego Bay, Schools’ Challenge Quiz Captain, President of the Literary and Debating Societies and President & Founder of the Youth Organization for Upliftment, I understand the importance of being thoroughly rounded. 7 years later, as a graduate of Hampton School I’ve learnt that we never lose that part of ourselves, we can only add and grow from the wisdom of those around us. Today I’m proud to be a lady of the finest ilk, a daughter, a dancer, a doctor (someday, hopefully) and still very much a dreamer. My current dream is to represent Jamaica at the highest possible level, hoping to bring our country a 4th Miss World title.