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Contestant # 2 Laurie-Ann Chin Miss UCC
Miss University College of the Caribbean, #2

Age:  21
Height:  5’8″
Weight:  126 lbs
Bust:  34″
Waist:  28″
Hips:  39″
Life Ambition: I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. I wish to work intimately with more charities, making a difference where I can in the lives of Jamaica’s less fortunate. Like many young women I also look forward to being a devoted wife and mother after I build my career as a multifaceted businesswoman.
5 Year Goals: I intend to have completed my studies in cosmetology which is a rapidly growing industry and be in the inception stage of my first business, a cosmetology training center which offers the highest  standard of service. I intend to continue my involvement with charitable organizations

My name is Laurie-Ann Chin and I’m 21 years old. I studied at the University of the West Indies and pursued a Bachelors of Science degree in Management Studies. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and philanthropy. I have spent a great deal of time volunteering especially with the charity, Angels of Love Jamaica and am looking forward to being able to continue working intimately with the Miss Jamaica World charities. I hope to own my own business and create job opportunities which I believe will contribute to the further growth and development of  my country. I enjoy dancing, baking, practicing nail artistry and creating new and innovative business ideas from time to time. I’m a proud Jamaican and would go above and beyond to be an exemplary role model for young women and be a good citizen for my country. I believe there is nowhere quite like Jamaica and would be a great ambassador for my precious island filled with natural beauty, a rich culture and the most warm, hospitable and passionate people.