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Contestant # 3 Natalee Prout Miss French Connection
Miss French Connection, #3

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Age:  18
Height:  5’8″
Weight:  114 lbs
Bust:  32″
Waist:  25″
Hips:  36″
Occupation:  Student
Life Ambition: To be a successful and inspirational individual in any opportunity given
5 Year Goals: Finishing up my studies as I pursue a career as a sports agent while balancing my charitable service to the JSPCA

Hello Jamaica

I’m Natalee Prout ,a vibrant and charismatic individual who enjoys reading, dancing and socializing with friends…. I have a love for food ( especially shrimp)  and animals hold a special place in my heart.

One of my main long term goals is finishing up my studies as a sports agent while being fully committed and affiliated with the JSPCA.

My favorite quote to this day is one that always lifts my spirits…” Why frown and get wrinkles, when you can smile and get dimples? “