July 14, 2024 | 5:19 am
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Contestant # 17 Shanta SpencerMiss Dunns Furniture and Home Décor, #17

Age:  19
Height:  5’9″ 
Weight:  115 lbs
Bust:  34″
Waist:  26″
Hips:  36″
Occupation:  Student
Life Ambition:  Pursue a degree in social work and then my masters in criminal law
5 Year Goals: In university doing my masters in criminal law


My name is Shanta Spencer I am 19 years old and a proud passion young woman who loves her country. I just graduated from 6th at South East College and my dream is to pursue a career in criminal law. I love reading, dancing and meeting people.  I love the the arts and appreciate the theatre.