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Contestant # 9 Shantol White Miss CHIC Hair JaMiss Chic Hair Jamaica, #9

Age:  19
Height:  5’4″
Weight:  106 lbs
Bust:  32″
Waist:  25″
Hips:  37″
Occupation:  Student
Life Ambition: To become a lawyer and own a successful law firm with my sister, Roxann, who is already a lawyer. 
5 Year Goals: Graduated from Norman Manley law school and working with a reputable law firm

My name is Shantol White, I am 19, 5ft 4inches, weigh 106lbs, and bust – 32. I attended Gemglow’s Kingergarten and then St. Catherine’s Preparatory School at 6 years old. I’m a past student of St. Jago High.

I attend UWI, Mona where I major in the Faculty of Law, I enjoy reading, dancing, voluntary work and helping to beautify the environment.

My ambition in life is to become a lawyer where I’m able to give a voice and defend the citizens of our country that are voiceless or have been subjected to the abuses of our justice system. I strongly believe in the unity of family and I personal believe that you don’t have to be like everyone else, but you should Strive to be better than you ever thought you could be!