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Contestant # 15 Toni Oliver Miss American Jewellery CoMiss American Jewelry Company, #15

Age:  24
Height:  5’8″
Weight:  128 lbs
Bust:  34″
Waist:  28″
Hips:  36″
Occupation:  Social Media Manager
Life Ambition:  My life’s ambition to inspire young women. Since I have been writing & blogging, I really try to ensure that message is relevant yo young girls and maybe I can make a change in their life.
5 Year Goals:  In the next 5 years I plan to write my 1st novel, geared towards guiding young women through life’s challenges with work, relationships & overall motivation and to substantiate my blog with by Best Friend so that we can mentor youth.

I am Toni Oliver, a 24 year old living in Kingston, Jamaica.

I hold a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from St. Leo University, Tampa, that has helped me throughout my volunteer work counseling youth.

Indeed I am an altruist at heart & truly get pride from helping the lives of others. I have been mentoring since I was 14 years old, serving as one of the 1st  Peer Counselors at Campion College, my alma matter, and have never looked back. My Psychology intern-ship saw me volunteering at homeless shelters for young teen moms & after moving back to Jamaica I knew I wanted to continue on that path. I became a part of the Y.U.T.E. program where I not only volunteered at workshops but mentored 2 girls not much younger than myself, who I still mentor to this day. I believe I pull my strength & wisdom in counseling from acknowledging all of my personal struggles & trying to listen to others to guide them through what they are facing. No matter how small, I am there.

As my passion evolved I started my own blog, www.talesofaw.com where I share insight on my life, experiences, inspiring quotes, answer questions & other fun things that my younger peers can relate to & draw encouragement from.

I decided to enter Miss Jamaica World because I believe that my life experiences, heart, strength & determination make me a perfect candidate to be an ambassador for our country. I am inspired by what Laura Butler has done with the competition & know that it will be an amazing platform for me to help make a change in the world.

I am “Beauty with a Purpose.”