July 14, 2024 | 5:20 am
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Kandi King appointed Pageant Director for Miss Jamaica World

Kandi King Named Pageant Director for Miss Jamaica World

Often referred to as the “Queen of Carnival” in Jamaica due to her involvement and influence within the industry, entrepreneur Kandi King now finds herself in another role of “queen-making”, this time by being named Pageant Director at Miss Jamaica World.

A former contestant of the pageant in 2009, King is now the CEO of Karnival by Kandi, a concierge service that provides packages to carnivals in the Caribbean and its diaspora which she created in 2014. Last year she became a founding member and Director at Xaymaca International, one of the newest carnival bands in Jamaica that hit the streets for 2017. She also juggles her time in business and carnival by being a television presenter at Business Access TV, hosting the series “Chill Spot”.

King said that she is humbled to be apart of the process of selecting someone who will in essence become an ambassador for Jamaica.

“I’ve always been impressed by the the Miss World franchise and its initiatives such as Beauty with a Purpose, and I’ve followed it over the years on both the local and and international level. I see this as an opportunity to contribute to brand Jamaica and give back to this country which I am so proud to be a national of!”

With her passion for branding and representation, expertise in customer service, verbal communication and presentation, it is no doubt that King will be a major asset to Miss Jamaica World by being able to guide and influence potential candidates.