July 14, 2024 | 5:43 am
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Liane Chung is MJW Venus Embrace MJW Beach Beauty winner- Second finalist to fast track to the top 10

Liane Chung, Miss Venus Embrace and winner of the Venus Embrace MJW Beach Beauty Competition is flanked by Zahra McGraham (R), Miss Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records (1st Runner up) and Kayla Mendes (L) , MIss Osmosis (2nd Runner-up)

Call it fate or coincidence but the winner of the Venus Embrace Beach Beauty Competition is Miss Venus Embrace herself, contestant number 4 Liane Chung. Standing at 5ft 8inches and 125lb with vital stats reading 24-34-35, the beauty walked away as the winner after a long deliberation by the panel of judges. Coming in second is Ms. Usain Bolt Tracks and Records Zahra McGraham and 3rd place went to Kayla Mendes Miss Osmosis. Despite the threat of rain and the slight showers that sprinkled the beaches of the Grand Palladium resorts the event was well attended by sponsors, family and friends as well as guests of the resort. This year’s competition was extremely tight where bodies were concerned. The panel of judges were looking for the right girl that fit the following criteria: beauty of body, beauty of face, sex appeal and presentation. It was extremely hard to narrow the results to a top 3 so the judges chose a top 5 then further narrowed it to 3 after another parade on the catwalk. The top 5 were: Arielle Foote Miss Dryclean USA, Zahra McGraham Miss Usain Bolt Tracks and Records, Kayla Mendes Miss Osmosis and Chavoy Gordon Miss Appleton Jamaica Rum.

After the second presentation of the finalists it was now up to the judges to deliberate and further narrow the cut.  The panel consisted of 6 judges: Mickey Haughton James (MJW franchise holder), Karl Williams (designer of UZURI International), Marcel Robinson (CEO Interlinc communication,website developers), Gareth Ramsey representative for Dimitris Kosvogiannis (GM of Grand Palladium); Sara Lawrence (MW Caribbean Continental Queen of Beauty 2006) and Tracey Hamilton (CEO of Tracey Hamilton & Associates PR).  The people’s choice vote played a part as the 7th judge where hotel guests were given the opportunity to cast their ballots. That award went to contestant number 1, Miss Appleton Jamaica Rum, Chavoy Gordon.

Each of the 20 Miss Jamaica World finalists donned green bikinis by the Mushroom that was sponsored by title sponsor of the event Venus Embrace showcasing their physique to the panel.  After a lengthy deliberation process the ladies were invited back on stage for the final parade before the winner was announced. Cheers and applause erupted when Kayla Mendes was and Zahra Mckraham were announced 3rd and 2nd respectively. The tension was thick as the MC pair of Denise Hunt and Regina Beavers tortured the members of the audience until finally they announced that the first place went to Liane Chung Miss Venus Embrace. Liane has now advanced to the top 10 joining the winner of the SoftSheen Carson MJW Model, Miss Maybelline New York Maya Wilkinson.

            The next fast track competition will be talent where our very diverse ladies will showcase their abilities.