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Meet The Beauties

On August 15, 20 beautiful, bright and talented Jamaican women will vie for the title of Miss Jamaica World. Until then, The Gleaner’s Flair Magazine, official print sponsor of the competition, will get you up close and personal with the contestants as we ‘Meet the beauties’.

We asked them:

1) Why did you enter MJW?

2) If you were on the cover of a magazine what would the headline be?

3) What is your must-have item in your bag?

– Name: Shari-Jo Robinson, 24

Sponsor: Miss Virgins International

1) “I saw this as an excellent medium to develop my self-confidence and build character. It is my dream to represent Jamaica with grace and poise and to reach out to young women who suffer from lack of confidence due to environmental circumstances. I believe I can be a mentor and guide women through their self-doubt and depression, as I have overcome these things.”

2) “Powerful black woman in action”.

3) “My must have item would be my purse. It holds my most important and precious items such as money (always have cash for emergencies); sanitiser and wipes, as cleanliness is next to godliness, and also a picture of my father, who left this world in 2009. He motivated me to be greater than the ordinary and I believe he’s watching over me.”

– Name: Cavel Campbell, 22

Sponsor: Miss Nargia’s Beauty Experience

1) “I see this prestigious pageant as a vehicle for my personal development and a wonderful opportunity for me to give back to the country – by supporting my platform in raising awareness of diabetes and other social issues that affect us daily. Also, it would be an amazing opportunity to represent my county on the international stage.”

2) “Cavel Campbell, Time Magazine’s most influential woman”.

3) “My cell phone. It is the best thing to have in an emergency – whether you need to contact the police or alert someone. It also allows you to capture your daily memories by taking photos.”

– Name: Sanneta Myrie, 24

Sponsor: Miss Evergrow Garden Center

1) “I entered MJW as it affirms ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. It is beyond a beauty pageant – it is a platform upon which a young woman can stand confident in her own skin, and with beauty of spirit, make an impact on the world through her passions.

“As MJW 2015, I hope to break down the stereotype of beauty, and inspire young Jamaicans to dare to reach for their brightest dreams regardless of hair texture, skin colour and social background. I also want to demonstrate to the world that to be Jamaican is to be vibrant, resilient, creative and capable of great things.”

2) “Locked on serving.

Play on the word lock for my locked hair, and my passion to serve my country through all my faculties, be it medicine, dance or serving as an ambassador.”

3) “Honestly, I have no heirlooms really and I am rarely seen with a handbag. But whenever the occasion calls for one, the item that would consistently find its way in there would be a medical textbook or some sort of notepad with medical literature. As a medical student, it has became a habit to pack a textbook in any bag I carry. No matter the occasion, and even when I can’t quite tell where I would get the time to read. It is almost second nature.”

– Name: Setrena Clarke, 23

Sponsor: Miss Yaad Trendz

1) “First, I am patriotic, and this competition is a medium that gives me the opportunity to represent Jamaica. The MJW competition also gives you visibility and a platform to be heard. I particularly love the fact that it highlights ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. As a dark-skinned, natural-hair Jamaican woman, I have first-hand experience of the struggle of the black woman to love and find value in herself when the images and messages of blackness being pushed are mostly negative.

“Therefore, I see myself as a representative of black beauty and an ambassador of confidence, value and self-worth, especially for young girls of darker complexion with natural hair who are struggling to find beauty in themselves and are battling with self-esteem issues because society has psychologically manipulated them into hating their skin colour. I want to use this platform and my voice to spread the message of beauty, love, value, confidence and self-worth and that the black skin is not a badge of shame.”

2) “SETRENA … calculating her way to the top”.

3) “Red lipstick – because it enhances any outfit, and looks great on me. Also a pen and paper because you never know when you have to write something. And, of course, my phone, because this is the 21st century … lol.”

– Name: Royanne DeSilva, 21

Sponsor: Miss Future Energy Source.

1) “To further my mission of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. My dream is to positively impact people of every continent. This pageant will allow me the opportunity to do so as well as the possibility of engulfing my entire Jamaican nation with pride at Miss World 2015.”

2) “The captivating country girl: Charity personified.”

3) “My house key. Apart from the obvious need to enter my home, I made it extra special by putting an ‘Angels of Love Jamaica’ charity key ring on it, which symbolises my commitment towards helping children with cancer.”