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Miss Jamaica World 2015 – Who Will Take The Crown?

Miss Jamaica World 2015 – Who Will Take The Crown? | diGJamaica Blog

The Miss Jamaica World 2015 coronation event takes place on Saturday, August 15. Twenty beauties from across the island will compete for the title and the opportunity to represent Jamaica at the Miss World pageant in Sanya, China PR, on December 19 later this year.

Here are the ladies vying for the crown, and their reasons for entering the competition. Click on their names to read more about them on the Miss Jamaica World site.

Robyn Lloyd – Miss Hype TV


Reason for entering the competition: “The Miss Jamaica World Competition presents an opportunity to represent my country through beauty while being exposed to various charity organizations as well as serving in these charities. I entered this competition so I could be apart of that experience; to learn and grow among people who shine in the field of empowering and bettering our women and on a larger scale our entire Jamaican society. I believe that I can be an ambassador for my country promoting it as a nation that cares for its people and is indeed a delightful place to work, invest and live.”

Jade McBean – Miss Immigration USA


Reason for entering the competition: “My own personal admiration of the well-groomed and successful ladies produced by the MJW pageant over the years. In addition it is a great opportunity for my own personal growth, development which I can then use to help others to do the same. It provides the opportunity to proudly represent our culturally, unique, vibrant & creative people and finally to give back to my country and also globally, and doing so with love and kindness.”

Jovi Jaja – Miss Windy Air Conditioners


Reason for entering the competition: “I have always had a passion for helping those around me in any way possible, therefore, the role as Miss Jamaica World 2015 would give me a platform from which to improve the lives of others.”

Kayla Blake – Miss Winchester Optical


Reason for entering the competition: “The chance to represent Jamaica on the international scene, raise awareness of Jamaica’s Environment and to benefit from the training and networking that the competition offers.”

Jheanell Nesbeth – Miss Wata Land


Reason for entering the competition: “I believe that the MJW Pageant is the perfect platform to bring focus to my fight against bullying. I also would love to represent my country on an international level, which is one of the many opportunities offered by MJW.”