Eyeland Eyewear Limited is an international, optical business. The partners /share holders have been in the industry for over 15 years. The company was launched February 28, 2004 with three (3) locations in Kingston and have since expanded to over fifteen (15) branches across the island with over 100 employees.

Eyeland Eyewear’s business model was created on the foundation of strong family values of which the company operates and is of the view that all is customers are extended family.

Eyeland Eyewear is synonymous with Factory Direct. Our Purchasing Director championed the cause and captured heavily discounted lens and frames directly from the factory. We are very excited that we are not only providing quality service and prompt delivery but globally competitive prices .

At Eyeland Eyewear, we know that eye sight can make a big difference between poverty and a life of opportunity

Eyeland Eyewear’s mission is to enrich the lives of all its customers and employees by providing the highest level of customer service experience and the best quality Eye care and Eyewear at the most affordable price.

Our main priority is to create an environment where Eye care is accessible to all, enhancing, preserving, and protecting the visual abilities of each patient in a professional and caring manner.