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Trishauna Clarke reigned supreme at the MJW 2012 Just Bet Sports Fast Track Competition


The Miss Jamaica World pageant is not just about physical beauty and brains, but about the total self of each finalist. The contestants must have stamina and strength of character to carry out their duties which includes visiting various functions, meeting and greeting various public figures and assisting in building and positioning brand Jamaica.

To fulfill and ensure that criteria the Miss Jamaica World contestants tested their mettle in the grueling but fun filled Miss Jamaica World Just Bet Sports Fast Track competition which was held June 5th at the Spartan Health Club. The girls had their  strength and stamina tested in a fitness competition, which was comprised of four components, sit ups, bench press, chin ups  and a mini road race.

The competition started out with the girls participating under the watchful eyes and instructions of the MJW chief instructor – Steve Ming and his team of judges. The girls were required to do as many sit up in an allocated time, the judges were checking for form and pace. Sheer determination was the game face for most of the twenty hopefuls, however as time elapsed the not so fit were separated from those who could endure. Deanna Robins marked her early intent on winning the competition by taking home the sit up leg of the competition.  Bench Press and then Chin ups followed, both exercises were given to test the girls’ strength capacity and each one presented a different type of challenge and obstacle to those who were not physically fit. Trishauna Clarke stamped her name on those sections of the competition, letting the other ladies know that if they wanted the title they would have to bring it on a little harder.  Hot on her heels was petite contestant number 4 Kanigga Buckle, who placed second in both those two disciplines.  Miss Jamaica World competition is not for the swift but for those who can endure… and Trishshauna Clarke signaled to all she is here to endure. Next up was the final challenge on the fitness competition, the mini Road race, which comprised of 5 laps around the Spartan building. At the end of the race with the girls tired feet and sweating face it was Trishauna Clarke who once again stood on the victory podium with Kanigga Clarke right behind her in second.

The Just Bet Sports fast track competition as with the other fast track competitions secures the winner a place in the top ten at the grand coronation show at the Jamaica Pegasus on June 23. Standing tall and proud at the end of the competition was contestant number 12, Miss Trishauna Clarke whose past training in the field of athletics gave her the foundation to be victorious. Ms Clarke has had the honours of representing Jamaica in the CAC and Carifta Games in Hurdles and High Jump winning numerous bronze medals. This win has booked her ticket to one of the top ten spots on grand coronation night.  Rounding up the top three spots were Kanigga Buckle, who like Trishauna has represented Jamaica but in the discipline of netball and Shona Bewley.

Participating in this type of competition more than any of the other fast track competitions shows the togetherness and spirit of the 20 contestants as they had no problem encouraging and cheering on each to do the maximum reps possible. According to the newly crowned MJW Just Bet Fast Track Sports winner, she accredited her victory to sheer determination and the ‘cheering on’ by the fellow contestants