July 12, 2024 | 12:14 pm
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Beauties Stick to ‘Tex”

TYRE Rangers, comprising the quartet of Miss Jamaica World (MJW) contestants Shari-Jo Robinson, Talia Soares, Jovi Jaja and Christina Rowe, won overall at the GB Group/Texaco Tyre Change Challenge at Mary Brown’s Texaco on July 11.

“It felt phenomenal to win and I think it was our teamwork that made it possible,” the ladies told Auto.

The Tyre Rangers were one of the four teams — Team Fyah, Texaco Queens, Texaco Rangers made up of Miss Jamaica World contestants — that put their automotive knowledge and skills on show at the event.

For Tyre Rangers, victory started with the first challenge, a tyre change on an Audi Q5 provided by ATL Automotive. The four blitzed the competition with an unbeatable four-minute-and 43-second time.

Challenge number two had the teams head into the convenience store and pick up five items for automotive maintenance and emergency care. Jheanell Nesbeth, Richelle Parchment, Setrena Clarke and Royanne DeSilva, who comprised Team Fyah, took victory with the inspired choice of jumper cables. However, the Tyre Rangers retained enough points to convert their early triumph into an overall win.

The rather unusual competition was put on in partnership with Miss Jamaica World 2015 sponsor, GB Group/Texaco, and served a dual purpose as explained by Mauricio Pulido, CEO GB Group/Texaco, and Laura Butler, director of Fusion Consulting, current holders of the Miss Jamaica World (MJW) franchise.

“We thought this would be an excellent addition to our customer appreciation day at this station,” said Mauricio Pulido, CEO GB Group/Texaco.

Butler added that the fun exercise was in line with the MJW motto of beauty with a purpose.

“Miss Jamaica World tries to add life skills beyond the contest and we were surprised that many couldn’t do simple automotive tasks like change a tyre, or weren’t aware of basic information to help them maintain their vehicle, so this exposes them to that in order to make them more self-sufficient,” she said.

After the competition, the contestants manned the pumps, much to the delight of customers.

— Rory Daley