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Sponsors look forward to a successful MJW 2011 pageant

Renewed MJW Interests
Sponsors happy to again be onboard and looks to a bigger and better staging for 2011

The success of any event not only has to do with the implementation or the production of the event but also the persons or organizations that are behind the visions of these events. They say behind every successful man there is a woman but in the case of the Miss Jamaica World pageant behind every successful staging there’s a paying sponsor.

A number of these sponsors have partnered with the Spartan Health Club to stage the Miss Jamaica World pageant annually because they all have a vested interest in entertainment as well as the development of Jamaican women. Some of the main sponsors aboard this year are Spartan Health Club, Soft Sheen Carson, Venus Embrance and Supreme Ventures/ Just bet. Carlene Edwards, Senior Corporate Communications Officer at Supreme Ventures was delighted to be onboard for yet another year stating that, “we are excited because we here at Supreme Ventures love to get involved in youth development by showcasing the talents in Jamaica.

The Miss Jamaica world pageant does that and as such we are happy to be involved with it,” she stated. The company has been a partner since 2006 and doesn’t only provide support through sponsorship but through social aspects as well. “The girl who is sashed as Miss Acropolis will be hosting a cocktail reception for all the girls so that she will be able to learn the other part of the business,” Edwards explained. Varia Rodney, Senior brand manager at Carimed, also expressed excitement in being onboard for 2011. “We have aligned ourselves with its target market; not only the girls that enter the competition but the ones that also watch. We are excited about our second year being onboard because MJW signifies Beauty with a Purpose and fits well with the tagline of Venus Embrace “Reveal the Goddess in you.”

Similar to Supreme Ventures, members of the soft Sheen Carson family believes in the development of young ladies and so they too have decided to stay onboard for another year. “The competition enhances natural beauty and that’s what we at Soft sheen Carson are all about so we continue to work with the MJW pageant,” stated Andreen Bennett, Senior Marketing Manager. She further went on, “We took a break from sponsoring but then we came back onboard 5 years ago because the MJW pageant is a good package to reach our consumers.”

Other sponsors who have joined the ranks of Supreme Ventures, Venus Embrace and Soft Sheen Carson are TVJ, the Jamaica Observer, Neutrogena, Ocean Spray, Grand Palladium (the official MJW resort), Jamaica Pegasus, STUSH, Interlinc Communications, The Mushroom, Uzuri International, British Airways, Kosmo Tours, Maybelline and Tracey Hamilton and Associates.