July 12, 2024 | 11:34 am
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07 Talia Soares – Morfose Hair Care Services

Vote for me by texting Talia or 7 (seven) to 1876-444-4659

Age: 23

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches

Waist: 28

Schools attended/attending: St. Andrew High School for girls; The University of the West Indies, Norman Manley Law School

Interests/Hobbies: cooking, backpacking, fitness, philanthropy- Bloom Foundation For Education (Danny Williams School for the Deaf), USAID Literacy Programme, Mico Practicing Primary and Junior High School Special Education Unit , Every Mikkle Jamaica Foundation and Educatours Ja among others and Curating music

5 year plan:
In 5 years, I hope to have won my first major case as an Attorney-at-Law, which would possibly effect change in a particular law of the land for the greater good of Jamaicans. But more personally, I want to open and manage a holistic gym for the disabled because I strongly believe that overall fitness can uplift and heal.

Reasons for entering the contest:
I’ve always been encouraged by family, friends and colleagues to enter the Miss Jamaica World Competition. However, I first needed to come to some clarity as to what was my purpose. For me, it had to be more than a crown on my head and the bragging rights that come with it. It would have to go beyond a continued pledge of “world peace” and parading a beautiful face and physique for a fan faring crowd and panel of judges. Thankfully, I have found my why and I am ready to become the best version of me yet while advancing the cause of my platform, which focuses on the very relevant issue of illiteracy among youth.

I’ve been privileged to experience life through multiple lenses and it has given me the solid ability to relate to people at all levels. This experience has made me into the proverbial island girl with intangible qualities of warmth like the Jamaican sun, an ease like our white sand beaches, and a special beauty that can only be matched by the country’s flora. Additionally, my many talents and strong determination are like that of many Jamaicans – which is why I feel like I’ve finally grown into a woman who can represent her country in true form. Also, my career in Media and Entertainment has helped me shed my once shy persona and develop strong interpersonal and presentation skills that I think are key characteristics of any ambassador. This means I am now able to use my voice to stir waves of positivity and to create the change of which we often speak. Hence, I humbly want to use my why to help, to change and to pursue.