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Sanneta Myrie

13 Sanneta Myrie – Miss Evergrow Garden Centre

Vote for me by texting Sanneta or 13 (thirteen) to 1876-444-4659

Age: 24

Height: 5.6

Waist: 24

Interests/Hobbies: The performing arts, (a member of the Quilt Performing Arts Company). Mentorship (especially being a mentor to teens in the Craig Town community)

Schools attended/attending: Mannings High School, The St. Andrew High School for Girls, DeCarteret College, The University of The West Indies, Mona

Occupation: Medical Doctor

5 year plan:

In five years, I see myself as dedicated physician specializing in psychiatry. In addition, I intend to continue to be of service as a mentor to teens of inner city communities and running an after school program which is crafted to making well rounded young Jamaicans with confidence in self and the courage to reach their full potential. I also hope to spend a year as a member of ‘Doctors without Borders’ which provides basic health care to the most marginalized populations around the globe. Most importantly I see myself as a hard working Jamaican committed to giving back to her country.

Reasons for entering the contest:

I entered the Miss Jamaica world pageant as it affirms ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. It is beyond a beauty pageant but a platform upon which a young woman can stand confident in her own skin and with beauty of spirit, make an impact upon the world through her passions. As Miss Jamaica World 2015, I hope to break down the stereotype of beauty and inspire young Jamaicans to dare to reach for their brightest dreams regardless of hair texture, skin color and social background. I also want to demonstrate to the world that to be Jamaican is to be vibrant, resilient, creative and capable of great things.