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01 Robyn Lloyd- Miss Hype TV

Vote for me by texting Robyn or 1 (one) to 1876-4444659

Age: 19

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

Waist: 28

Interests/Hobbies: Sports, Extreme sports, Entertainment and Education.

Hobbies include: Swimming, Water polo, ATV (Quad) riding, road trips/site seeing, reading romance novels, cooking and watching various TV series.

Schools attended/attending: Holy Childhood High school, Ardenne High School, Nova Southeastern University.

5 year plan

In five years I would have held the title of Miss World 2015 and would have significantly contributed to my country and by extension the world. I would use the experience gained from the Miss Jamaica World pageant to establish an effective mentorship program for underprivileged girls where the focus would be on developing their literacy, leadership skills and their public image as well as partnering with several private sector and nongovernmental organizations to achieve support in attaining short, mid and long term goals of the Miss World foundation. After handing over the crown in 2016, I would commence my training in the army as well as start my medical studies at the Nova Southeastern University and at the end looking forward to continuing my contributions to my country in the field of military heath care and serving in various charities.

Reasons for entering the contest:

The Miss Jamaica World Competition presents an opportunity to represent my country through beauty while being exposed to various charity organizations as well as serving in these charities. I entered this competition so I could be apart of that experience; to learn and grow among people who shine in the field of empowering and bettering our women and on a larger scale our entire Jamaican society. I believe that I can be an ambassador for my country promoting it as a nation that cares for its people and is indeed a delightful place to work, invest and live.